Contour & Feature Surveys

Our services are highly aligned with the Residential Housing Market in providing the industry with quality contour and feature surveys.

Initially, to start any project a Contour and Feature Survey is required BY ALL LOCAL AUTHORITIES and Cottage is at the forefront in this area.

If you have just purchased a lot and wish to have a house designed or are doing additions, or doing a development and need a Builder/Architect or Draftsperson to design your dream residence or your additions/development, you require a Contour and Feature Survey indicating the relevant features, trees, levels, visible services, contours and outline of the existing house (if applicable) for design and costing requirements. Your copy of the survey plan is available in hard copy or electronic format so we can also email the survey directly to you and  to your Builder / Architect  / Designer in the following electronic formats:PDF/DWG/DXF/ ASCII CODE CSV/SKF.

For more information about our surveying services or to arrange a no obligation quote, email us with information on contact details, address of property to be surveyed, vacant, to be demolished or develop behind existing. You can also fill out our form or phone us on (08) 9446 7361.

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