Repeg & Setout

Re-pegs (Cadastral Surveys) are required to establish the Title boundary corners before construction commences on any lot. Re-pegs are often required when new boundary fences are to be erected and the existing marks/pegs are gone. The re-peg re-establishes these points and a Regulation 25A Resurvey Certificate is provided.

Cottage also specialises in building setouts. Concreters use setouts to determine the position of building corners, retaining, and pool corners, before slabs, walls or pool works commence. We require a setout plan with peg locations and dimensions.

For more information about our surveying services or to arrange a no obligation quote, email us with information on contact details, address of property to be surveyed, vacant, house and if to do with fencing please advise if whole lot or partial only. You can phone us on (08) 9446 7361.

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