Contour & Feature Surveys

Our services are highly aligned with Perth’s Residential Housing Market in providing the industry with quality contour and feature surveys. At the start of every project, a Contour and Feature Survey is required, and Cottage is at the forefront of this area of expertise.

Repeg & Setout

Re-pegs (Cadastral Surveys) are required to establish the Title boundary corners before construction commences on any lot. Re-pegs are often required when new boundary fences are to be erected and the existing marks/pegs are gone. The re-peg re-establishes these points and a Regulation 25A Resurvey Certificate is provided.

Built Strata

A Built or Standard Strata is the most common form of strata scheme in Western Australia. This form of strata subdivision can only be finished when all building is complete and is typically only started at around the roof on or lockup stage of construction, as the buildings are shown on the strata plan.

Survey Strata

Survey Stratas are a form of strata, which allow for the creation of vacant lots and do not show the buildings on the strata plan unlike a Built Strata.

Green Title Subdivision

Green Title or Freehold lots are the standard lot that exists and the preferred option if available. Green Title lots are completely independent from one another and therefore cannot have common property or run services through one lot into another.

Welcome to Cottage & Engineering Surveys

Cottage & Engineering Surveys is committed to providing the highest quality service and advice to all our clients.

Based in Perth, our fully qualified and experienced staff can assist with all your contour and feature surveying requirements, as well as all your development surveying, whether you’re building your first home or your dream home.

We provide a fast and efficient service throughout Perth and WA’s South West, Busselton and Bunbury regions, and ensure you receive a high quality survey that meets your exact requirements. Check out our full range of services here.

You can count on Cottage & Engineering Surveys for:

  • Contour and Feature Surveys
  • Boundary Re-pegs (Cadastral)
  • Building Setouts
  • Strata Titles (Built & Survey Stratas – Residential)
  • Green Title Subdivisions (Residential)

For more information about our surveying services or to arrange a no obligation quote, email us or phone (08) 9446 7361.



“Cottage” was established in 1974 and was the first surveying company to play a unique role by specializing in surveying to the Metropolitan Housing section of the Building Industry.
We would like to thank our Valued clients and our loyal staff for their continued support and efforts to allow this company to produce the quality product and service to the Industry.

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